"Just wanted to say thanks for showing my family an awesome time. The hospitality and service received at the Lonesome Coyote Ranch is second to none. This was our fifth trip to the ranch and it just gets better everytime, you guys are the best! Oh and the kids said the food was perfect every meal." —Mann Daigle
"We Do Things Right!"
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Lonesome Coyote Ranch Rules

  1. No loaded firearms in lodge or while riding in vehicles.
  2. Illegal drugs are not allowed on our properties under any circumstances.
  3. Consumption of alcoholic beverages shall be in strict moderation and no
    excessive drinking will be allowed. Anyone who appears to not have full use of their mental and/or physical faculties due to the consumption of alcohol and/or drugs will not be allowed to participate in any hunting or shooting activities. This decision will be at the sole discretion of Ranch management.
  4. Texas Parks and Wildlife laws and regulations are strictly enforced.
  5. Ranch management controls which animals are harvested
  6. Hunters are required to sight-in their firearms on the rifle range in the presence of
    ranch personnel before hunting. A ranch guide can sight in your firearm upon
  7. A wounded animal is assumed dead, and as such, is counted as the hunter’s kill.
    A wounded animal is one that leaves behind evidence of being hit by the shooter.
    Ranch management’s determination is final.
  8. Recovery dogs are available through independent contractors for an additional fee
    to attempt to retrieve wounded animals.
  9. Everyone’s safety and well being is our #1 goal and priority. Guns will remain
    unloaded until situated in blind. While in lodge guns will remain locked in
    individual locker in gun room.
  10. Hunt dates will be booked upon the ranch’s receipt of a 50% non-refundable
    deposit. All dates and availabilities are considered tentative until the ranch
    receives the deposit. The balance of your hunt is due prior to your arrival.
  11. Trophy fees MUST be paid before leaving the ranch if you decide to upgrade.
  12. We accept cash, certified check or credit card. A 3.5% fee will be added to all
    credit card charges.
  13. Arrangements for taxidermy and shipping as well as any miscellaneous charges
    MUST be paid before departure.
  14. Some management units within the ranch will be closed when the buck harvest
    quota for that area is reached.
  15. Basic hunt fees do not include trophy fees, taxidermy, dog-assisted recovery of
    game, or gratuities.
  16. Valid Texas hunting license and Hunter Education Certificate are required before
    ANY hunts.
  17. We request you bring a good set of binoculars and camera. If you do not have
    binoculars, we can provide a set for you to use.
  18. South Texas weather seems to change faster then any other place on earth. We
    recommend packing for both extremes, without over packing. Usually, November and half way through December stay fairly warm. However, we have seen it get down into the 30 degree range during these months. Mid way through December, January, and February are typically our cooler months. However, pack for hot weather as well. Bring a good pair of hunting boots, preferably snake proof and insulated. Camouflage gear is not necessary. But, you can wear whatever you desire and what keeps you comfortable.